Tips For an Enjoyable Visit

Tips For An Enjoyable Visit…

If you are running late:
If things come up and you happen to arrive late, we will do our best to accommodate you as scheduling permits.  However, our time together may need to be shortened or rescheduled so we can accommodate other clients with appointments following yours.

If your skin is very sensitive:
Every treatment will begin with a detailed and personalized consultation in order to select products that are of the absolute most benefit and suitability for your skin type or present skin condition.

If your skin is very sensitive, it is recommended that you avoid shaving prior to any body treatment to reduce the chances of any additional irritations. After the dryness is exfoliated away with the gentle sugar scrubs and your skin is nourished with healing body butter, you should notice an immediate improvement in the sensitivity level of your skin.

If you have children:
Children must arrive accompanied by a parent or a guardian to sign the consent form for their services.

Home care products are meant to support the health of your skin between each visit. They will be recommended based on what your skin may need at the time.  At times the products may need to be seasonally rotated depending on the skin’s improvement. If you are not completely satisfied with a product you may return it for a 50% refund of the purchase price.

Form of Payment:
• Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express
• Personal Checks (for totals under $150)
• Cash
• Apple Pay
• Beyond Beauty Skin Therapy and SpaFinder Gift Cards

Please understand that cancellations made within 12 hours of your appointment typically do not have enough time to rebook, which results in a missed opportunity for other clients and an income loss for us.  We do understand that at times things come up and we will need to reschedule our time together. To the extent possible kindly notify us at least 24 hours prior to your appointment time.

We thank you for visiting our website and look forward to seeing you soon!