Lightwave LED Skin Therapy

Lightwave LED for Facial Rejuvenation

Lightwave LED

LED Technology & How LIGHTWAVE Utilizes It

There are many scientifically proven and well-documented life processes that are light dependent. For instance:

  • Photosynthesis (plants)
  • Production of vitamin D in human skin
  • Regulation of moods and circadian rhythm in both humans and animals

LIGHTWAVE therapy stimulates the rejuvenation of living tissue through the process of “photo-bio-stimulation”, which means “the stimulation of life with light.” Photobiostimulation is very similar to the process of photosynthesis. As you remember from high school, photosynthesis is the process by which plants manufacture chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is the energy, which drives the functions of the plant at the cellular level, allowing the plant to thrive. Chlorophyll is to the plant what ATP is to the human body. Neither chlorophyll nor ATP can be manufactured without the presence of specific-wavelengths of light.

If you planted something in the best soil and gave it the highest quality of water and fertilizer but no sunlight, the plant would die. This is because, in the absence of sunlight, the plant cannot make use of the great nutrients at its disposal. Similarly, if you fed your body the best foods, took the highest-grade supplements, drank the purest water available, but didn’t have access to specific-wavelengths of light, your body would not be able to produce ATP. As a result, each of the cellular processes would grind to a halt, resulting in death at the cellular level.

Realistically, you are not going to be totally deprived of light.  As you age, your cellular metabolism slows down and your cells get “tired”. By changing  the quality of your nutrient intake may make you feel somewhat better, this alone will not significantly affect the rate of cellular metabolism. The nutrients you ingest need to be converted to ATP before they can fuel life processes at the cellular level. This is where light therapy can help. To put it simply, LIGHTWAVE therapy is the process of supplementing your body with light, so that the body can repair itself.

ATP is the fuel that powers life at the cellular level. LIGHTWAVE therapy stimulates the mitochondria and increases the production of ATP within the treated tissues. In addition to increasing ATP production, LIGHTWAVE therapy also stimulates specific cellular organelles, depending on the condition being targeted.

It is important to note that the visible Red and Infra-red energies used in a LIGHTWAVE treatment do not heal/rejuvenate the tissues being treated. LIGHTWAVE simply provides the tissues being treated with the energy necessary to spark the production of ATP. Once ATP is produced, the body will use this energy to carry out repair and rejuvenation on a cellular level and in return, the body will visibly repair itself.

Red light penetrates the skin more superficially than that of Infra-red light which can affect tissue cells as deep as 20cm. Both forms of light stimulate cells in different ways which increases the effectiveness of treatments and increase the spectrum of ailments that can be targeted.

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